Hitachi airHome 600 including Standard Installation

$1,923.00$2,957.50 exc GST

Experience airHome 600: the user-friendly heat pump / air-conditioning with smart technology for effortless heating, lower energy bills, and improved sleep. Say goodbye to maintenance worries and hello to hassle-free comfort.

Prices are for standard installation only. For more comprehensive installation, or if you would like to include WiFi, please fill out the contact us form.

6 Year Warranty

Introducing Hitachis’ Wall Mounted Inverter Heat Pump Air-Conditioning System

Wifi-enabled Smartphone Control with Location-Based Automation

Take command of your air conditioner from anywhere using the airCloud Go smartphone app. Set up Smart-Fence location awareness and temperature profiles to ensure optimum comfort no matter where you are.

Smart-Fence synchronises with your location, adjusting your heat pump as you leave or return home. Experience the convenience of arriving to a perfectly tempered space, thanks to automatic temperature adjustments.

Additionally, airCloud Go offers has an integrated Energy Cost Estimator, allowing you to monitor power consumption.

Intelligent Power Management for Energy Efficiency

The Smart Eco feature of airHome 600 autonomously switches the indoor unit to energy-saving mode when unoccupied, eliminating the need to manually turn off your heat pump.

Moreover, Energy-Saving Operation intelligently adjusts the set temperature to conserve power consumption. Upon your return, human or pet presence detection prompts the AC to resume initial settings, ensuring comfort without compromise.

FrostWash Technology: Preserving AC Performance

Combat the effects of dust and dirt accumulation with Hitachi FrostWash technology. By freezing, melting, and washing away debris from the heat exchanger, our innovative solution ensures perfect AC performance.

Experience threefold improvement in maintaining airflow performance compared to systems lacking FrostWash technology.[1] For comprehensive maintenance, airHome 600 features FrostWash on both indoor and outdoor units

Advanced Air Purification for Cleaner Indoor Environment

The Indoor air quality purification system of airHome 600, combats viruses[2], bacteria[3], odours[4] and allergens[5].

Featuring a pre-filter to capture larger dust particles, an air purification filter, FrostWash heat exchange cleaner, and ionizer, our system ensures a healthier living environment. AQtiv-Ion technology releases negative ions that bind with oxygen molecules, effectively neutralizing impurities and pathogens for fresher, cleaner air.

Other Features

  • SleepSense – SleepSense detects when you are up in the morning and switches back to pre-sleep settings. SleepSense also monitors when you sleep and reduces the heat pump / air-conditioning temperature to create ideal conditions for deep sleep.
  • Cascade Vector DC Inverter – promotes energy efficiency.
  • Silent Mode – as quiet as 20dB(A)2
  • Perfect AirFow – Distributes air effectively, reaching up to 24m away.
  • Powerful Mode – For rapid cooling or heating
  • Dry Operation – Acts as a dehumidifier efficiently and silently.
  • R32 Refrigerant


[1] Two identical units were tested for comparison; with and without FrostWash. Test chamber simulated approx. 2 years of dust and oil build up which may be experienced in a typical home environment. Airflow performance was tested before and after being in the chamber. Unit without FrostWash experienced an 18% drop in airflow performance. Unit with FrostWash experienced only 6% performance drop. Tested at Johnson Controls-Hitachi Tochigi factory, Japan Nov/Dec 2021.
[2] An air conditioner is not a replacement for any COVID control measure recommended by governments or medical professionals. Claim refers to the effect of AQtiv-Ion which showed 99.9% reduction in COVID virus particles under lab conditions tested at Nara Medical University, Japan and 99.9% reduction in Hong Kong Influenza A (H3N2), tested at Biomedical Science Association. ViroSense Z1 filter shows 99.9% of effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 NIID isolated variant: JPN/TY/WK-521 and 99.0% effectiveness against Influenza A Virus (H3N2) tested at Japan Textile Product Quality and Technology Center using ISO18184:2019 method. FrostWash technology also showed 99.0% reduction of virus particles on the heat exchanger tested at Kitasato Research Center of Environmental Science
[3] Claim refers to the effect of ViroSense Z1-filter which showed 99.0% reduction of Staphylococcus aureus NBRC12732 and Escherichia coli NBRC3301 bacteria particles under lab conditions tested at Nissenken Quality Evaluation Center Japan, and also FrostWash technology which showed 99.0% reduction of bacteria on the heat exchanger tested at Kitasato Research Center of Environmental Science Japan, and also AQtiv-Ion (optional on some models) which showed 99.0% reduction in E.Coli particles and Staphylococcus Aureus tested at Boken Quality Evaluation Institute Japan following JIS Z 2801 standard
[4] Claim refers to the 86% reduction effect of AQtiv-Ion on formaldehyde, tested at Kinki Bunseki Center, Ltd. Japan.
[5] Claim refers to the effect of AQtiv-Ion on Cedar allergens which shows 97.1% reduction, tested at Institute of Tokyo Environmental Allergy.

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