SIMPLE GREEN® Safety towels

$29.00 exc GST

SIMPLE GREEN® Safety towels are your go-to solution for removing grease, oil, paint, carbon, tar, soot, grime, ink, and more from various surfaces like metal, wood, fiberglass, tile, and concrete. Pre-moistened with non-toxic, biodegradable Crystal Simple Green®, these towels are safe, effective, and environmentally friendly. Designed for industrial strength cleaning, they feature a dual-textured, lint-free material that holds fluids well and resists rot and mildew. With an abrasive side for tough scrubbing, they tackle any clean-up challenge effortlessly.

SIMPLE GREEN® Safety towels Features and Benefits

  • Specially designed with the industrial cleaning strength of Crystal Simple
    Green®. Dual textured – the scrubbing side removes grease and oil whilst the
    softer side provides lint-free wiping.
  • Convenient cleaning and scrubbing of water-safe surfaces.
  • Safely removes grease, oil, wet paint, carbon, graphite, tar, soot, grime, and
    much more.
  • Ready-to-use, safer, non-citrus formula with no added colour or scent.

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