SmartVent Lite+

SmartVent Lite+ is a centralised positive pressure system that protects your home or rental property from moisture buildup. Using advanced temperature and humidity sensing, it adjusts airflow to maintain ideal conditions. The rental lock feature provides security, while low-temperature protection ensures performance in all climates. With its user-friendly design, SmartVent Lite+ offers hassle-free maintenance for enhanced comfort and peace of mind.

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5 Year Warranty

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Home Ventilation SmartVent Lite+: Your complete moisture control solution to avoid mould and mildew. Ideal for rental properties.

Key Features

  • F7 grade filter with HEPA or carbon filter options also available
  • Introduces fresh filtered air to reduce moisture
  • Stylish flat ceiling inset diffusers are fully adjustable to deliver balanced airflow into each room
  • Ducting reduces air transfer noise
  • Temperature and humidity sensing
  • Touch screen controllers providing easy setting for healthy home comfort
  • Low Temperature Protection
  • Rental Property Lock
  • Boost Control
  • Filter Change Alert
  • Schedule

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