Mabuhay Cafe Project

Superheat Electrical is proud of our project collaboration with Mabuhay Café, a vibrant establishment known for its delectable cuisine and inviting ambiance. 

Project Scope:

Our mission was to enhance the atmosphere of Mabuhay Café by implementing state-of-the-art electrical wiring and innovative lighting solutions. With attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, our team integrated the electrical components to ensure the safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of the café.

Scope of Work:

  • Electrical Wiring: Superheat Electrical conducted a comprehensive assessment of Mabuhay Café’s electrical infrastructure to determine optimal wiring configurations. Our skilled technicians then proceeded to install and integrate wiring systems tailored to the café’s specific requirements, adhering to industry standards and safety protocols.

  • Lighting Design and Installation: Leveraging our expertise in lighting design, we collaborated with Mabuhay Café to plan a lighting scheme that will complement the shops ambiance and enhances its overall appeal. From ambient lighting to accent fixtures, our team installed lighting elements to create the perfect atmosphere for customers to enjoy their dining experience.

  • Energy Efficiency Optimisation: At Superheat Electrical, we prioritise sustainability and energy efficiency in all our projects. Through the implementation of energy-efficient lighting technologies and strategic placement of fixtures, we are reducing carbon footprint and operational costs while maintaining optimal lighting quality.