New Beta Innovation Project

RMP Registered Facility Heat Pump and Electrical Upgrade

New Beta Innovation was looking for comprehensive HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) installations and electrical services for their RMP registered facility in the Waikato. It was requested for the project to be completed within two weeks. With our expertise, dedication to quality, and customer satisfaction, we completed the project on time and within their budget. 

HVAC Installation Services Job Scope:

  • Offices 1 through 6: Installation of Daikin FTXM25R R32 2.5KW high wall A/C units with a 5m pipe run. Capping will be visible on the interior wall for seamless aesthetics.
  • Finance Room: Installation of Daikin FTXM25R R32 2.5KW high wall A/C unit with a 3m pipe run, ensuring a back-to-back installation for efficient cooling.
  • Reception Area: Installation of Daikin FTXM60R R32 6KW high wall A/C unit with a 7m pipe run. Pipe work will be concealed behind the wall for a neat appearance.
  • QA Office: Installation of FTXM71R R32 7.1 KW unit with a 4m pipe run. Back-to-back installation ensures uniform cooling distribution.
  • QC Office: 6kW High Wall FTCM60UVMZ AC Unit with condensate pump. Indoor unit will be mounted up on the interior wall facing the length of the office. The outdoor unit will be on the room with roof penetration and monkey toe brackets. 
  • Production Hall: Installation of 2 Cassette unit in the clean room. Hitachi RCI-6.0FSN3 – RAS-6HVNC Utopia 4 way Cassette

Electrical Services Job Scope:

  • New Micro Lab: Installation of 10A double powerpoints and flush boxes to support lab operations.
  • New Warehouse and Quarantine Area: Installation of powerpoints, flush boxes, and data points to enhance functionality and efficiency.
  • New Autoclave Room: Installation of 16A double powerpoints and flush boxes to meet the specific requirements of autoclave operations.
  • Labour Services: We provided expert removal and replacement of powerpoints and data, ensuring minimal disruption to workspace.