Hitachi airCore 700 Cassette

Introducing airCore700 Cassette: Hitachi’s top-tier commercial split system range. It provides superior cooling and heating, with a wide capacity range and efficient operation in diverse temperatures. With R32 refrigerant, it offers lower global warming potential than R410A units, ensuring eco-friendly performance without compromising comfort.

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6 Year Warranty

Introducing Hitachis’ Cassette Heat Pump Air-Conditioning System

Frostwash Technology

The airCore 700 indoor ducted unit comes with FrostWash, a unique cleaning feature. FrostWash freezes dirt and dust in the indoor unit heat exchanger, which is then drained away with the condensate during defrosting. This process cleans the heat exchanger, ensuring long-term performance by preserving airflow. FrostWash can be activated manually or set to run automatically at scheduled intervals for hassle-free maintenance.

Visual elegance with Silent Iconic (Optional)

An affordable alternative to ducted systems, seamlessly blending into your space’s design. Its designed central inlet seamlessly fits into any ceiling for a sleek look.

Hitachi Aircore 700 Controller display

Advanced Controller

  • 7 Day Operating Scheduling System. – The Operation Schedule function acts like a 7-day timer for your unit. It lets you automatically turn the unit on or off at specific times you set. You can also adjust the temperature as needed. You can create up to 5 schedules for each day, including a special schedule for holidays. Plus, you can set these schedules up to six days ahead of time.
  • Power Consumption Display – The power consumption feature shows how much power the outdoor unit compressor is using. It displays this information in both graph and list formats, showing data for 1 day (every 2 hours), 1 week (7 days), and 1 year (12 months).
  • Filter Clean Reminder – When it’s time to clean or replace your indoor unit’s filter, the controller will notify you with a reminder.
  • Temperature Set Point Limits – Use the controller to set limits on the cooling and heating temperature settings to reduce energy waste.

Airflow can be controlled by adjusting four louvre individually

Achieve comfortable air-conditioned spaces by utilizing different louver settings available with the wired controller. Enhance comfort with the louvre control function, allowing individual adjustment of louvres for precise airflow direction. Choose horizontal louvre adjustment to avoid direct airflow towards individuals, or opt for individual swing operation for optimal airflow distribution.

Other Features

  • airCore 700 has high energy efficiency. EER up to 4.39; COP up to 4.69.
  • R32 Refrigerant

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