Hitachi P Series including Standard Installation

$2,679.00$3,189.00 exc GST

Optimize your Hitachi air experience with cutting-edge smart technology for an enhanced, automated in-home atmosphere.

Prices are for standard installation only. For more comprehensive installation, or if you would like to include WiFi, please fill out the contact us form.

6 years warranty

Hitachis’ Wall Mounted Inverter Heat Pump Air-Conditioning System

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Image Sensing, Smart Swing and Auto Off

The Image Sensor Technology observes the room and, upon detecting the number of occupants, intelligently directs airflow to areas requiring it most. Temperature adjustments are made to maximize energy efficiency, while the smart swing feature maintains ideal comfort levels. In periods of inactivity, the sensor automatically switches off, minimising energy consumption and reducing costs.

iClean Automatic Filter Cleaning Technology

iClean technology prevents dust buildup and maintains the filter in condition, ensuring it functions like new. Additionally, it continuously monitors for the presence of mold or bacteria, which can lead to unpleasant odors, thereby ensuring a fresh and comfortable environment throughout the day.

Hitachi FrostWash

FrostWash Technology: Preserving AC Performance

Combat the effects of dust and dirt accumulation with Hitachi FrostWash technology. By freezing, melting, and washing away debris from the heat exchanger, our innovative solution ensures perfect AC performance.

In-Built Wifi Control

The P-Series wall mounted system is the smallest air conditioner available. Experience the convenience of the P-Series with its integrated airCloud Go WiFi control feature, offering you the flexibility to manage your Hitachi air conditioner directly from your smartphone. Whether you’re at home or miles away, you have the ability to adjust the temperature remotely, ensuring your space is comfortable before you even arrive.

Air cloud Hitachi Wifi

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